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An RCD is an abbreviation for Residual Current Device and commercial workplaces in NSW are required to have them installed and tested to comply with the current NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act.

RCD devices are sometimes known as earth leakage circuit breakers and are commonly referred to as being safety switches, but an RCD has other features and the correct RCD device must be installed in your workplace.

An RCD switch should monitor the flow of electricity through the circuit it is connected to. If any faults that could lead to electrocution are detected by a functioning RCD, the device will shut off the power to the circuit in milliseconds preventing serious injury caused by electric shock. RCD’s do save lives but they do not completely remove the risk of injury, and a faulty RCD device may not work at all.

Your RCD needs to be tested at regular intervals if your workplace is to comply with the current NSW work cover policies. RCD testing intervals should at least be every three months and carried out by a certified RCD tester.

To comply with the RCD testing requirements of AS/NZS 3760:2003 commercial workplaces must have the RCD devices tested and tagged every 3 months. This procedure is in place to ensure the RCD responds properly to any faulty situation and in the correct time frame. RCD protection is for the safety of your workers.

Avid Electrical has the expertise and latest testing equipment to can carry out your scheduled RCD testing to ensure your workplace is safe and compliant.

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